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22 ton Press, Greater Manchester to Skelmersdale.

H&W recently carried out the removal of a 22 ton Press from Greater Manchester to Skelmersdale. The Press was jacked up at premises in Greater Manchester, lowered onto machine moving skates and skated to the doorway, it was then loaded onto a low loader trailer by an 80 ton...

Off loading of 2 x 15 ton chiller units.

Here we have H&W engineers off loading 2 x 15 ton chiller units at our storage unit in Greater Manchester. The chiller unit were off loaded using a 70 ton mobile crane and skated into our storage unit, where they will be stored until February and prior to delivery to the...

Installation of Cup manufacturing machine.

H&W Engineers recently carried out the installation of this cup manufacturing machine. Once the machine had been off loaded from incoming transport our engineers positioned each section, built up the line. We then secured to the floor, lined, leveled and connected the services.

Off loading of 2nd new production line.

Here we have H&W engineers off loading a 2nd new production line at a Manufacturing Company in Cheshire, the Line was off loaded by crane and skated into the build, prior to H&W engineers positioning and building the line up.

H&W engineers recently off loaded this manufacturing line from incoming transport using one of our 7 ton fork lift trucks, we then positioned the line, built u, lined leveled and connected the services.

Off loading of new manufacturing line in Cheshire.

Here we have H&W engineers off loading a brand new manufacturing line in Cheshire. We used one of our 7 tonne fork lift trucks to unload the vehicle and position within the building, prior to installation.

4m wide container, Dukinfield to Stoke.

Here we have our unit mounted Hiab type crane. We loaded a 10m x 4m wide container at our premises in Greater Manchester, delivered the container to premises in Stoke on Trent. Due to the container being 4m wide we had to notify the Police of the route we had to take.

Vessel, Shropshire to Wigan.

H&W carried out the removal of Vessel from Shropshire to Wigan. At Shropshire our engineers removed all the access ladders, etc, the vessel was then up lifted using a 60 tonne crane, lay over and lowered onto the rear of one of our low loader trailers. Prior to moving the...

Re-location of wall paper manufacturing machinery in Cheshire.

Recently H&W engineers dis-connected all the services on the machinery and oven at a wallpaper manufacturing Company in Cheshire, we skated the machinery through the factory to outside then loaded onto one of our rigid vehicles using one of our 6 tonne fork lift trucks,...

Press Brake Machine, Midlands to Lancashire.

H&W recently Disconnected the services and un-bolted this 9 ton Press Brake at a Company in the Midlands. We skated the machine to the doorway, and loaded it to our transport using one of our rear mounted hiab type cranes. Once delivered to a manufacturing Company in...