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Mechanical fitter Vacancies.

Fitter required for our machinery removal / installation Company. We are based in Greater Manchester but work mainly in North West with some away work. Must hold currant driving license. Time and half after 8 hours Monday to Friday. Travel time single time. Saturday Time and...

Installation of Medical Plant.

Here we have one of H&W’s 7.5 ton vehicles fitted with Hiab type crane. The medical plant was loaded at a manufacturing Company in Cheshire, we then delivered the plant to a major Hospital in Lancashire. Once H&W engineers had off loaded the plant we positioned...

Pizza Oven.

Another different job probably due to more people being at home for longer times. This is the 4th pizza oven we have been requested to uplift and place on their base. The ovens weigh about 450kg, but any job is work and we are extremely flexible, from a pizza oven to a complete...

Erecting large signs above garage.

  Another unusual job carried out by H&W Engineers. sign of the times !! Erection of large sign above a car sales showroom on the edge of rural Lancashire.

Loading, delivery and off loading of 2 x chiller units.

H Here we have H&W Engineers loading 2 x 15 ton chiller units at one of our premises in Greater Manchester, once we had skated the chiller unit to outside, we than loaded the chiller units onto one of our 40′ trailers using a 60 ton crane. Once delivered to Humberside...

Removal of 15 ton press and re-location of 7 ton press.

H&W Engineers recently carried out the removal and relocation of 2 off presses at a manufacturing Company in Greater Manchester. We disconnected the services on the 15 ton press, jacked up the press onto machine moving skates, traversed the press through the factory, one...

Unusual Jobs.

WE DO GET TO MOVE SOME UNUSUAL ITEMS, from the biggest stuffed Teddy Bear in the world (weighed about a Ton) ,which we  uplifted and craned on to  low- loader then transported from  Liverpool to a TV studio in  London, a Hull of a16 metre ship that was made from solid concrete...

Exchanging chiller parts at a major supermarket in the Midlands.

H&W engineers recently carried out the exchanging of chiller parts at a major supermarket in the Midlands. Our engineers lifted the redundant parts from within the chiller situated on the roof area, traversed the units across the roof to a lifting point on the corner of the...

22 ton Press, Greater Manchester to Skelmersdale.

H&W recently carried out the removal of a 22 ton Press from Greater Manchester to Skelmersdale. The Press was jacked up at premises in Greater Manchester, lowered onto machine moving skates and skated to the doorway, it was then loaded onto a low loader trailer by an 80 ton...

Off loading of 2 x 15 ton chiller units.

Here we have H&W engineers off loading 2 x 15 ton chiller units at our storage unit in Greater Manchester. The chiller unit were off loaded using a 70 ton mobile crane and skated into our storage unit, where they will be stored until February and prior to delivery to the...